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ANZ reimagines iconic fraud detection brand campaign

Today ANZ relaunched its iconic Falcon® brand campaign, bringing back its star – the ANZ Falcon® – with a renewed emphasis on personalised customer protection.

At the heart of the campaign, the ANZ Falcon® has been reimagined as personalised falcons assigned to each ANZ Customer to detect and prevent fraud, helping to keep them safe from cybercriminals.


ANZ Falcon® technology analyses customers’ banking behaviour to recognise, flag and identify suspicious transactions.


The technology monitors millions of transactions every day, learning from thousands of data points to build a unique picture of ANZ customers’ habits, to help spot the difference between legitimate and fraudulent transactions.


“As cyber-crime continues to impact Australians, the decision to focus the brand campaign on ANZ’s security capabilities underscores our commitment to keeping customers safe from fraudsters and sophisticated criminal networks,” said Sian Chadwick, General Manager, Marketing at ANZ.


“This revitalised ANZ Falcon campaign showcases the work we do to help protect customers in a new era of fraud and scams,” she said.


“The original Falcon campaign, first launched in 2006 aimed to grow awareness of ANZ’s security capabilities – and our campaign doubles down on that in a very unique and quintessentially ANZ way,” said Ryan Fitzgerald, Executive Creative Director of creative house Special Group.


“Our mission has been to bring home the idea that when it comes to financial security and fraud protection, everyone needs a personal Falcon watching over them,” he said.


How ANZ Falcon® works:

  • Sophisticated fraud protection technology: ANZ Falcon® watches and learns 24/7 to help spot the difference between you and fraud. Acting fast like a falcon, it helps to keep you and your money safe. 
  • Wherever, whenever you pay: Whether you’re shopping in person, online or on your globetrotting holiday, ANZ Falcon® can provide personal protection for ANZ transactions anywhere in the world. 
  • 24/7 security support: ANZ Falcon® continually evolves to understand new fraud patterns to improve the accuracy of identifying fraud.


Further, ANZ continues to review and enhance the way customers can report scams and seek assistance.


Last year, ANZ prevented more than $106 million in losses to cyber criminals – a 38 percent increase on the previous year. The last quarter of FY23 also saw a 43 percent reduction in customer losses.


The new ANZ Falcon® campaign runs from April 14 across AV, Radio, Out Of Home (OOH) advertising, Print, Social and ANZ owned channels.


To view the TVC, click here


Falcon® is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation.


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ANZ Falcon Campaign

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