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ANZ encourages customers to spring clean their data and take control of their digital footprint

ANZ is encouraging customers to add a “digital spring clean” to their to-do list this September to minimise their online data and digital footprint.

A digital footprint is the trail of information we actively or passively leave behind when we use the internet. Our digital footprints can be used to track online activity and includes personal information such as names, addresses and phone numbers of people and their close contacts.


Often, an internet user may not be aware they are leaving information behind when browsing, transacting, or posting online. It’s important to take inventory of the different places your data is being used, stored, and shared.


ANZ Senior Fraud Analytics Manager Jess Bottega said: “A lot of us don’t know where our data is being stored and what it’s being used for.”


“Scammers and online criminals can use our digital footprint to access account numbers, passwords, financial and other personal information. This information can sometimes be used to commit identity fraud, hacking and scams. It’s important to remain vigilant online, using different and complex passwords for each site, clearing cookies and unsubscribing from emails is a great place to start.”


“We all know life can get busy, so set a reminder in your calendar or link this “clean-up” activity to a milestone – such as the change of season, to get into the habit of regularly checking in on your digital footprint,” Ms Bottega said.

About ANZ Scam Safe: To assist the community in remaining aware and alert to the constantly changing scams and fraud environment, ANZ has launched a new Scam Safe series.


Scam Safe will highlight the latest cyber security and fraud issues impacting the community and what ANZ is doing to help protect our customers.


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