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Letter from ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott about scams and fraud

Scams are an insidious problem which can impact the entire community, and ANZ is working closely with other banks, industries, and the government as we tackle this society-wide issue.


Beginning today, our customers in Australia will receive a letter from ANZ’s CEO Shayne Elliott, via email or post, about the increase in sophisticated scams and fraud. This letter will be sent to approximately 6 million ANZ and ANZ Plus customers across our retail, commercial and private wealth businesses.


As part of ANZ’s continued commitment to educate its customers about scams, the letter serves as a reminder of the ways that we as a community can protect ourselves and our loved ones from cyber criminals. It provides some simple tips to help customers stay safe against scams and is an important reminder of the support available for those who may need it, now or in the future.


You can read a version of the letter from Shayne below.

A message from the ANZ CEO


In recent times, Australia has seen an increase in sophisticated scams and fraud. It’s a serious problem affecting many of us.


Criminals are constantly changing the ways they scam and defraud the community and we all have a part to play in staying vigilant.


Simple tips to help protect you and your money:


  • If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Pause and verify before acting.
  • Be suspicious of anyone asking you for personal information or a payment.
  • Be wary of unexpected links – even if it appears to come from a legitimate source.
  • Never give unsolicited callers remote access to your computer or your banking details - even if they claim to be from ANZ. Consider calling your bank back via their listed details.
  • Be wary of a professional-looking advertisement for jobs as a ‘money transfer agent’. What you may unintentionally be doing is transferring stolen money on behalf of criminals.
  • Consider using PayID® to make a payment. When you use PayID, the name connected to the account is automatically populated. This can help you check your money is going to the right place before you pay.


Finally, remember, ANZ will never ask you for banking details over email, text or phone.


What to do if you think you’ve been scammed


Don’t be embarrassed – cyber-criminals are skilled at getting you to act quickly. It has happened to others; we can only assist if we know about it.


If something doesn’t feel right or you think you’ve been the victim of a scam, contact us immediately.


You can find more information including our contact details, on our website. Visit anz.com and search for ‘Security Centre’ to learn more.


I hope this information helps make your banking experience even safer; we’re in this together.


Shayne Elliott, Chief Executive Officer, ANZ 


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