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ANZ Plus app for Android is here

ANZ today announced its ANZ Plus app is now open to Android users, giving more customers access to the new digital banking service.

ANZ Plus includes an everyday account with no monthly account fees, a multi-goal savings account and features to help people better understand their money and save towards their goals.

Key features include:

  • ANZ Plus transforms how people join the bank and open accounts: customers can join ANZ Plus in minutes, with either an Australian passport or Australian driver’s licence, and a selfie to verify their identity.
  • A new multi-goal savings account: the account allows customers to set and track up to 99 savings goals, without having to open a new account, and each goal can be displayed with a customised emoji. Tiered interest can be earned on money in all savings goals, without the need to maintain a minimum balance or count transactions1. A target amount, date, and one-off or regular transfers can be selected for each goal.
  • Money tiles provide insights to help people better understand their money: the spending summary tile automatically categorises and adds up spending by week, month, or year, making it easy to spot trends in spending. Additional money tiles that provide useful insights will be added regularly.
  • Not just yesterday’s transactions, but tomorrow’s transactions as well: as well as having the option to search through previous transactions, customers can look ahead to get an idea of what’s coming next. The more ANZ Plus is used, the better it can be at predicting regular bills and subscriptions so customers can see what might be coming up before they get charged.
  • Introducing ANZ Plus coaches for expert support: the ANZ Plus app is designed to allow customers to self-serve for many of their basic banking needs and card controls, but ANZ Plus coaches will also be on hand to help when needed. Our ANZ Plus coaches are just a message away with our secure in-app chat.
  • No monthly account fees: ANZ Plus has no monthly account fees and the ANZ Save multi-goal savings account has a competitive rate of interest on balances less than $250,000 without the need to maintain a minimum balance or limit withdrawals each month1.

New features and functionality will be added on a regular basis.


Peter Dalton, Managing Director, Design and Delivery ANZx at ANZ said: “Given Android is the most popular smart phone operating system in Australia, we’re excited to deliver our Android app today, opening ANZ Plus and its savings features, including great interest rates, to a wider customer base.”

“With tools to help customers make financially healthy choices, a multi-goal savings account and coaches to provide expert support, ANZ Plus gives customers greater visibility and control over their finances,” Mr Dalton said.


ANZ Plus for Android is available for free download via Google Play or visit the ANZ Plus website for more information.


1.     Interest is tiered with different rates applying depending on your ANZ Save balance. Balance must be greater than zero. See https://www.anz.com.au/plus for more information. Rates are subject to change.




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