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ANZ Institutional maintains position as #1 transaction bank in Australia for the fourth consecutive year

ANZ Institutional has ranked #1 for both outright and lead bank market penetration in Australia, according to the 2020 Peter Lee Associates Large Corporate and Institutional Transactional Banking Survey.

Highlights include:


  • Maintained outright #1 Institutional bank with 46% of survey participants stating they have a domestic transactional banking relationship with ANZ;
  • Held Lead domestic transactional bank ranking for the fourth consecutive year with 46% stating they have a transactional banking relationship with ANZ;
  • Maintained #1 ranking as prominent bank for trade services with 44% of the 164 trade users naming ANZ as their lead;
  • Ranked =#1 for Transaction Processing and ranked #1 for platform ‘security features’ (Vs Top 4 banks) and =#1 ‘integration with accounting software’;
  • Improved Platform Performance Score (PPI) score (+14pts) amongst the lead domestic relationships, the only platform of the four major banks to do so;
  • Highest Relationship Strength Index (RSI) score recorded by the bank since 2016;
  • Strong performance with the three Cash Management Specialist ratings, including a #1 for Usefulness of Advice and Guidance (Vs Top 4 Domestic banks).


ANZ Institutional Managing Director, Transaction Banking (Acting), Lisa Vasic said: “This is our strongest Peter Lee performance in a number of years, and reflects the continued investment in our cash management and trade business. We would like to thank all our customers who provided feedback and will continue to use this to support the evolution of our customer proposition.


“Our proposition at ANZ is focussed on supporting our customers with their participation in the digital economy while also helping them manage risk during volatile market conditions. It’s great to see this focus is enhancing customer confidence both in our products and our people,” Ms Vasic said.



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