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ANZ encourages Australians to make a PACT to protect their virtual valuables

ANZ today launched a new education and awareness campaign ‘Protect Your Virtual Valuables’, as part of the Australian government’s National Stay Smart Online Week. 

The ‘Protect Your Virtual Valuables’ campaign provides simple and relevant information for customers and the wider community to make it easier to stay safe online.


Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing global threats to everyone from individuals and small businesses, to big companies and governments.


ANZ Chief Information Security Officer, Lynwen Connick, said: “In an increasingly digital world, it has never been more important to strike a balance between enjoying the benefits of being online, and taking steps to protect ourselves from cybercriminals.


“We’re a proud partner of the Australian Government’s Stay Smart Online Week, a national initiative to put cyber security in the spotlight and help Australians protect themselves in a digital world,” Ms Connick said.


ANZ is encouraging all Australians to make a PACT to help fight cybercrime, by taking four simple steps to protect their virtual valuables:


Pause before sharing your personal information - ask yourself, do I really need to give my information to this site or person? If it doesn’t feel right, don’t share it.

Activate two layers of security - use two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security to keep your personal information safe.

Call out suspicious messages - be aware of current scams. If an email, call or SMS seems unusual, check it through official contact points or report it.

Turn on automatic software updates - set your software, operating system and apps to auto update to make sure you get the latest security features.


For simple tips that can help protect your personal information, take a look at ANZ Cyber Secure or visit the Australian Government’s Stay Safe Online website.


The Australian government’s National Stay Smart Online Week runs from 8-14 October and ANZ’s education campaign will run until May 2019. 


Video - ANZ Chief Information Security Officer, Lynwen Connick (vimeo)


Image - Lynwen Connick, ANZ Chief Information Security Officer


Audio - ANZ Cybercrime growing to 6 trillion per year, Lynwen Connick


Audio - ANZ its all about ensuring people know what they have to do, Lynwen Connick


Audio - ANZ PACT, Lynwen Connick


Audio - ANZ Stay Smart Week working together, Lynwen Connick


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