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Timor-Leste customer FAQs

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited Timor-Leste Branch (ANZ) announced on 18 June that we will focus on our Commercial banking business and as a result, close our personal banking products and services in Timor-Leste.


By becoming a simpler bank with one clear focus on commercial banking, we can provide better service to our Commercial customers, by investing our effort and resources in the business.


We remain committed to Timor-Leste where we’ve had a presence since 2001 and we will continue to provide international products to service the region's commercial customers, with a focus on trade and global markets.


Banku ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited), fó-hatene in loron 18 de Junhu 2018 katak sei tau matan de’it ba servisu bankáriu sira iha área komersiál, tamba ida-ne, ANZ sei hapara servisu kona-ba produtu no servisu ba klienti individual sira iha Timor-Leste.


Hodi simplifika ami nia atensaun ba servisu bankáriu iha área komersiál, ami bele fo servisu nebe diak liu ba klienti komersiál sira, liu husi investa ami nia esforsu no rekursu atu atende sira.


Ami hahú hala’o servisu iha Timor-Leste husi 2001 no sei hatutan nafatin servisu iha ne’e maibé sei hare’e liuliu ba produtu internasionál sira ne’ebé hatán liuliu ba nesesidade Kliente komersiál sira-nian iha rejiaun ida ne’e. Ami tulun Kliente sira atu hatan di’ak liu ba negósiu no harii ligasaun di’ak liu ho merkadu mundiál.  

Customer FAQs


Pergunta sira ne’ebé halo beibeik




Saída mak sei akontese ba Kliente Individual sira nian?

Ami sei taka ami-nia produtus no servisus ba klienti individual iha Timor-Leste molok sexta 28 Setembru 2018.


ANZ husu Kliente sira atu hare’e oinsá taka sira-nia konta bankária pesoál ho ANZ molok 31 de Desembru 2018.  Banku sei la hapara konta bankária ba kliente sira ne’ebé sei selu hela sira-nia tusan ho Banku.

Ha’u Kliente Komersiál. Ha’u hatama osan no xeke iha ne’ebé no hasai osan husi ne’ebé?

Kliente Komersiál sira bele mai nafatin ANZ hodi hatama ka hasai osan no ba servisu sira seluk.

ANZ ninia sukursál, iha Timor Plaza, sei loke segunda to sexta: 900-16H00 (taka iha loron feriadu públiku). Sukursál ne’e sei hala’o knaar sira tuir mai ne’e ba kliente komersial sira:

·         Hatama osan

·         Hasai osan

·         Hatama xeke

·         Verifikasaun/Sertifikasaun kona-ba Dokumentus

·         Loke konta

·         Hatama no foti dokumentus refere ba negósiu


Kontakta ho sukursál liuhusi +670 330 6152/3301654/3306155 ka liuhusi ANZ ninia gerente ne’ebe iha responsabilidade ba Relasoens ho Kliente sira  


ANZ sei halo mudansa ba taxa no enkargu sira (“fees” no “charges”) ka lae?

Lae.  ANZ hakotu produtus no servisus ba klienti individual sira maibé ida ne’e la hamosu mudansa ba Banku ninia taxa no enkargu sira (“fees” no “charges”) ba servisus ne’ebé Banku halo ba Kliente Komersiál sira.


Tambasá mak ANZ hakotu produtus no servisus ba klienti individual sira? Saída mak sei akontese ba servisu komersiál ANZ nian?

Ami deside hakotu ami-nia produtus no servisus ba klienti individual sira  iha 28 Setembru tanba ami hakarak hasa’e liután ami-nia klientes  no komunidade nia kbiit - no dalan di’ak liu ba objetivu ida ne’e mak servisu Komersiál.


Ami hahú hala’o servisu iha ne’e husi kedas 2001 no sei hakarak hatutan nafatin ami-nia  servisu iha ne’e. Ami hare’e no fiar katak Timor-Leste sei buras babeibeik ekonomikamente. Nune’e, ami mós hakarak halo parte prosesu haburas ne’e. Tanba ne’e, ami tenke hare’e oinsá ami hasa’e ami-nia negósiu babeibeik  no kontribui ba Timor-Leste ninia buras ekonómiku.


ANZ mak banku Komersiál boot liu, iha Timor-Leste, ho livru empréstimu ho valór dólar amerikanu millaun lima nulu (USD50,0000,000,00) –  kuazi dala rua boot liu banku tuir kedas, ne’ebé taru malu ho ami, iha Timor-Leste. Ami fó garantia bankária sira liu millaun atus ida lima nulu ($ ANZ sei metin nafatin iha Timor-Leste ho servisu komersiál. Ami haka’as-an hela atu hametin-an nu’udar banku komersiál di’ak liu iha mundu ba Kliente sira ne’ebé hakarak halo negósiu iha rejiaun Asia Pasífiku, no negósiu sira ne’ebé depende husi kapitál/osan sirkula bá-mai iha rejiaun ne’ebé refere. Tanba hakarak sira ne’e mak ami hakotu ami-nia produtus no servisus ba klienti individual sira atu hare’e liuliu ba servisu Komersiál. Banku ida ne’e sei sai simples liu, forte liu, banku ida ho ligasaun di’ak liu no ho hakarak/objektivu momoos.


Oinsá ha’u transfere ha’u-nia osan husi konta ANZ ba konta bankária seluk?

Ita-Boot bele transfere osan liuhusi transferénsia telegráfika ka lokál. Bele mós husu atu hasai osan husi konta bankária.


Bainhira hakarak hasai dólar amerikanu liu rihun sanulu (USD10,000) ka montante ekivalente iha moeda seluk, Ita-Boot tenke husu loron ida (24 oras) molok banku halo transferénsia.


Ita-Boot sei la selu taxa (“fee”) ruma bainhira ami halo transferénsia telegráfika ka lokál ba konta bankária seluk ho Ita-Boot nia naran.


Nota: Tranzasaun no dokumentus hodi tahan pedidu hotu-hotu tenke hatuir regulamentus Banco Central nian no termus no kondisoens husi ANZ Timor-Leste.


Oinsá ha’u taka ha’u-nia konta ho ANZ?

Ita-Boot bele ko’alia ho ami-nia funsionáriu ba servisus retallu, iha ami-nia sukursál, iha Timor Plaza, iha Avenida Presidente Nicolau Lobato, Dili, Timor-Leste.


Favor ko’alia ho ami-nia sukursál  ANZ Timor Plaza hodi prosesa Ita-Boot sira-nia pedidu tranzasaun.




What happens to all of ANZ’s personal customers?

We closed our personal products and services in Timor-Leste on Friday 28 September 2018.


Personal customers are advised to make arrangements to close their banking accounts with ANZ Timor by 31 December 2018.


I’m a Commercial customer. Where can I carry out my cash and cheque deposits and withdrawals?

Commercial customers can continue to visit us at the ANZ Service Counter for cash and counter services.


The ANZ branch in Timor Plaza will continue to be open Monday to Friday: 9.00am – 4.00pm (except for public holidays). The branch will offer Commercial customers:

  • Cash deposits
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Cheque deposits
  • Document verification / certification
  • Account opening
  • Submission and collection of trade documents


The branch contact number is Tel: +670 330 6155/3306154/3306152 or your Relationship Manager. 


Will there be changes to ANZ’s banking fees and charges?

No, there will be not any changes to our Commercial Banking fees and charges as a result of the closure of our personal products and services.


Why did ANZ close its personal banking products and services? What will happen to ANZ’s Commercial business?

We have decided to close our personal products and services on 28 September to concentrate our efforts where we know we can make an even stronger impact on the prosperity of our customers and the community here – and that’s through our Commercial business. 


ANZ remains committed to Timor-Leste, where we’ve had a presence since 2001. Since then, we’ve witnessed an evolving landscape that now clearly points to a period of progress, and we strongly believe that Timor-Leste is poised to enjoy economic prosperity over the long term. We want to be a part of Timor-Leste’s growth journey and need to position our business for long term prosperity as well. 


ANZ is the largest Commercial bank in Timor with a book of USD50m – almost double our nearest competitor.  We provide more than $150m of bank guarantees. ANZ remains committed to its commercial presence in Timor-Leste, consistent with our goal to be the best bank in the world for clients driven by trade and capital flows across Asia Pacific. The closure of our Retail products and services allows us to focus and invest resources in our Commercial business to support this goal, and to make us a simpler, stronger, more connected bank with a clear focus. 


How do I transfer my money from my ANZ account to another account? 

You can transfer funds through a telegraphic transfer, local transfer or cash withdrawal.


Cash withdrawals of more than USD10,000 or its foreign currency equivalent will require at least 24 hours’ notice.


We will waive the fee for payments made via telegraphic transfer and local transfer to another account with your name.


Note: all requested transactions and support documents need to comply with central bank regulations and ANZ Timor-Leste banking terms and conditions.


How do I close my ANZ accounts?

You can visit our Retail Banking Branch at L2 Timor Plaza, at Avenida Presidente Nicolau Lobato, Dili, Timor-Leste.