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Hassle Free Share Sales approach to ANZ shareholders regarding the Share Purchase Plan

ANZ has become aware of an offer being made to its shareholders by Hassle Free Share Sales (HFSS) in relation to the current Share Purchase Plan (SPP). 

HFSS is writing to ANZ shareholders, offering to pay $250 for the right to take up the shareholder’s entitlement to buy shares under the SPP. HFSS is providing a power of attorney form for shareholders to sign which purports to appoint Hassle Free as an attorney to transfer ANZ shares from the shareholder to HFSS.


The entitlement to participate in the SPP is only open to eligible shareholders who were registered as a holder of ANZ shares at 7pm on Monday 1 June 2009. This offer is non-renounceable, meaning that the right to participate cannot be transferred to another party.


ANZ reserves the right to reject any application for new shares under the SPP where it considers that a person has submitted an application to participate in the SPP on the basis of a purported transfer of an entitlement.


ANZ has no association with HFSS and does not endorse any unsolicited offer by it in relation to the SPP or to the purchase of ANZ shares generally.


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