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ANZ eliminates foreign ATM fees for customers

ANZ today announced that it will eliminate foreign ATM fees that it charges its customers who use non-ANZ ATMs when direct charging begins tomorrow. There will be no change for ANZ customers who use ANZ ATMs and EFTPOS cash-out facilities. 

Following the Reserve Bank of Australia's request to financial institutions to increase the transparency of ATM fees, ANZ will remove the $2 fee which currently applies to customers who withdraw from another financial institution’s ATM. 


ANZ Chief Executive Officer, Australia, Brian Hartzer said: “If other ATM providers propose a charge for ANZ customers for using their ATMs, our customers will see a notice on the screen informing them of the charge so they will have a choice of whether to continue or not. 


“We would prefer our customers did not have to pay any ATM fees and so we encourage our customers to use one of ANZ’s 2,500 ATMs or one of the 670,000 EFTPOS cash-out facilities around the country. 


“ANZ has more than doubled the number of ATMs over the past four years and we have the highest number of ATMs per customer of any major bank. We plan another 100 ATMs by September. 


“Our priority is to help our customers avoid foreign ATM fees altogether by continuing to invest in ANZ ATMs in metro, rural and regional areas and at convenient locations like Caltex service stations and Safeway and Woolworths supermarkets. We aim not only to have the most number of ATMs per customer, but also the broadest geographic reach. 


ANZ will directly charge a fee of $2 to non-ANZ customers who use ANZ ATMs. 


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