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SME Digital Mindsets

Digital solutions carry great potential for streamlining and automating standard processes, while providing personalised experiences and real-time insights into customers and competitors.


They also have the potential to provide small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with significant time savings and revenue uplifts.


ANZ’s latest insight report, The Digital Economy: transforming Australian businesses, examines how SMEs are using digital tools and data to improve performance and address persistent pain points when running a business. 


The research also identified four distinct mindsets, correlating with the value SMEs place on digital technologies and their use within a business. 

Digitally dismissive
25% of SMEs are sceptical about the value of digital tools. They have low confidence exploring digital technologies and the lowest use of digital tools.


Digitally tentative
31% of SMEs are significant users of technology and often rely on external help to increase their digital capability. However they are generally ineffective in the adoption and integration of digital tools.


Digitally confident
10% of SMEs have a high level of interest in and knowledge of digital. Whilst they have been relatively successful in their adoption of digital tools, they’re not realising their full potential.


Digitally advanced
34% of SMEs have a strong understanding of digital tools and, not surprisingly, this group has the highest use of digital tools. These businesses are digitally-powered.

How digitally fit is your business?

ANZ’s Digital Mindset self-assessment is designed to help business owners evaluate their current understanding and adoption of digital technology and data and provide some relevant considerations as they establish or build upon their digital strategies. 


Start the self-assesment now.